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I share with you the most common connection: we are human beings. The diversity in this world is amazing. From an ancient Sumerian scribe, to a modern inner-city single mom, we all deal with the issues in our lives. We go through ups and downs. Fears. Joys. Some people are angry. Some have a positive outlook.


The most foundational commonality we all share is the desire for inner peace. 


It can be elusive. You try different things: a relationship, medication, a change of career. 


Maybe you’ve read sacred books. Maybe you’re Hindu. Mormon. Or nothing spiritually. 


I want to introduce you to a source of peace found in the pages of the Bible. I want to introduce you to a proof that God exists and cares about you.


That proof is Bible prophecy.



I am an American Christian, born and raised in the Midwest. I was raised in the Church, among evangelical “Bible-believing” Christians.


But when I turned 46, a family issue led to a high level of stress and depression. Always in control of my life, so I thought, I could not solve this problem. The more I tried, the worse it got. And while I knew we are not promised a trouble-free life, I began to wonder why this issue lingered. Weeks became months. Things got worse. 


I was dealing with what millions deal with every day. This world is weighted-down with too many problems to fix.


Maybe you don’t believe the Bible is true. Maybe you think it’s an old collection of ancient mythologies with no relevance to the 21st century, much less your own life.


I know exactly what you think about at night when the lights are out and your eyes are on the ceiling. You project well during the day, but your particular problem is crushing you.


One night, 18 months into this difficulty, I stared at the ceiling. Again. For a long time, I had tried to teach my body to relax, which relieved my mental stress somewhat. It just seemed impossible though not to look for solutions. Everything turned over and over in my mind. 


No solution.


Then something came to my mind that I learned as a little boy in Sunday school. The Book of Matthew, chapter 11 verse 28.


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


These are the words of Jesus. Here, He is speaking to people in all times and places. And if you think about it a certain way, He was giving a prophecy. Jesus here is telling you what will happen if you call on Him.


He will hear you. He will have compassion on you. He will unburden your mind and heart.


That night, I spoke to Jesus the way a child would. I told Him I believed Him and that I needed his help, desperately.


My problem was not solved overnight, like an alcoholic that cries out and is instantly delivered from the desire to drink. We’ve all heard those stories, know people like that.


But though my difficulties took a while to fade away, I chose to believe from that night that Jesus would do what He promised. He did, and the way in which it happened proved to me that the relief could not have come from any other source, and it was not coincidental. 


Today, I have peace and contentment. I’ve lived long enough to know life has ups and downs. Each evening, I sit outside and reflect on the ways in which God has made Himself known to me.


My background is communications—my degree in journalism. Since I was a boy, I’ve heard that God is going to intervene in human history “in the last days” and will make a new and perfect home for us. Some scoff at this, but that doesn’t bother me. We all have the ability to make our own choices. My purpose here is not to work really hard to convince you of the existence of the God of the Bible. I simply want to show you a way to peace you might not have considered before.


It’s unlikely anyone has suggested to you that you look into the Bible’s predictions for inner peace. You’ve probably been encouraged to find a therapist, try a new medication, or any number of other options to relieve your stress.


I hope you will consider the things we are posting on this site. I hope very much for you that you come to meet the God that answers.


Jim Fletcher

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